Men on a Mission


Goal: To perform community outreach at local hospitals, senior citizen buildings, assisted living facilities, etc., such as volunteering to spend time with the sick and shut-in; perform meals on wheels functions by feeding those in need with area pantries/shelters/soup kitchens; provide basic necessities to the homeless as well as comfort items to the sick in hospitals such as pillows, soap, etc.

Servicing: Sick/Shut-in, Needy Families, Homeless, Seniors, Disabled, At-Risk Youth/Families


There are many still living below poverty level, struggling just to stay in the homes, keep their utilities on and just buy food for their families.  Not to mention, the many seniors who unfortunately have to choose their medications over food.  Here in America, we must be proactive in taking care of our fellowman, be it senior, child, disabled or hard-working single mother and in some instances homeless families.

Proposed Alliances:  Local area hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, public school systems, area food banks/pantries, shelters, soup kitchens, Department of Aging


Let us help you discover a way out and take a new road to your new life!!!  Behind every bad situation there is an opportunity to write a success story!  Let us help you write yours today!!!

Offenders to Contenders


 Goal:  To provide rehabilitation and re-entry services and resources after incarceration. This program will provide job training, resume building, financial literacy, referral services to housing agencies, social services and other resources.  The client will be provided rehabilitation services through counseling and empowerment seminars that will help reshape and transform their minds for a successful re-entry into society.  In addition, partner with local organizations to provide community service opportunitys as well as volunteer services.

Servicing:  Both Male and Females, Ex-Convicts, First-Time Offenders

Proposed Alliances: Department of Social Services, Department of Correctional Services

Welfare to Work: Just BELIEVE


Goal:  To empower our clients to transition from welfare to work in today’s society focusing on the following areas of concerns:

  • Resume Building
  • Career Discovery
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Money Management
  • Time- Management
  • Independence Training

Servicing:  All individuals on Welfare 

  1. Proposed Alliances:  Department of Social Services

There are many struggling just to provide for their families and have needed the temporary assistance of welfare.  We provide avenues to obtain new skills applicable to today’s vastly growly work environment. Due to the growly technological industry, many on welfare need computer skills just to work a retail position. We provide those skills necessary to meet that need through our unique partnership with Bullock Enterprise Solutions!

Sometimes the thought of working is more than the welfare recipient can bear, lost of benefits, modification of funds/budget and time management are very real fears and concerns.  We help transition our clients into a work environment mode that will help them be successful and retain their new positions and manage their new income efficiently!



Goal:  To empower individuals on the wrong path of despair discover life in its abundance through counseling, empowerment seminars and connection to resources.

Servicing: All

Proposed Alliances: OPEN

We are here to help regain a sense of hope and a thirst for life by healing the inner man!

I Am Able Not Labeled

Department of Social Services, public school system, correctional system

Goal:  To empower our clients to dream and explore other job opportunities that will accent their natural-born gifts and qualities.

Servicing:  Young single mothers, teen-age mothers

It is our goal to help re-shape young women’s future for the better by focusing on time-management, parenting skills and workforce development!

Our clients may face a hard road initially, however, we can provide them resources that will help lessen the load!

A Need to Read

Goal:  To empower our clients to learn how to read no matter what age.

Servicing:  All Ages

Proposed Alliances:  All Sources Services, public school system, correctional system

Partnering with the Literacy Council!

It is our goal to help re-shape young women’s future for the better by focusing on time-management, parenting skills and workforce development!

Our clients may face a hard road initially, however, we can provide them resources that will help lessen the load!

Apprenticeship: Blessed in Tech

Formally Bullock Technologies, Blessed in Tech Computer Services offers computer and hardware repair; software development and hardware as well as software installation; network set-up and configuration as well as maintenance; electronics repair and technical support.

With over 20 years in the computer business, our staff of professional IT personnel can assist you with minimal to large projects. We provide our services on-site and remotely to businesses and the general public.

In partnership with Blessed in Tech Ministries, Inc., we will provide our clients with on-the-job training through our Apprenticeship Program to acquire marketable skills necessary in today’s challenging workforce. Our clients with our supervision will perform basic computer, clerical and laborer skills in accordance with the Apprenticeship Program to gain marketable employment skills.  

Help shape our client’s future and contact us today or email us at

In an effort to provide this program free of charge to our clients, we solicit your generous donations to order parts for refurbished computers and/or your old/new computer systems, laptops, tablets, digital cameras, etc.

In most cases, the refurbished systems will go to the clients for training purposes.

Boys to Men

Goal:  To provide young men the positive reinforcement needed to be effective and influential parts of society with a focus on the following areas of concerns:

  • Responsibility
  • Money Management
  • Time Management
  • Proper Parenting Skills
  • Anger Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Respect and Integrity

Servicing:  Men of all ages (16 and older), At-Risk Youths, Fathers on child support

Potential Alliances:  Other non-profit organizations, public school system and juvenile dentention center.

From Counseling, Mentoring and Empowerment Seminars we will help reshape your young man’s future for the better!

We will provide your son, nephew, relative with a mentor to help guide them through the difficult storms in life!

Do you have a son, nephew or relative that need someone to help them get on track?

Contact us today!

Come and experience this life changing program for yourself!

This program is designed to the transform minds of At-Risk Youths, juvenile detainees, young drug dealers, etc., by providing them positive role models as mentors and counselors as well as other options for different job skills. In addition, this program help empower the homeless (Veternas, disabled, inidividuals, and families) find other avenues to change their lives from homelessness to “COMING HOME” through connection with resources available to them.

Allowing each recipient the opportunity to choose a different path in life by finding their greatness and tapping into their God-given gifts and talents to be successful in this world!

Defeat the Streets

Goal:  To provide At-Risk Youth, a reality check to defeat the streets prior to a destined road to a life of crime through empowerment seminars, counseling, and tours of correctional facilities where the inmates will “Scare them Straight”.  This program also helps the homeless (Veterans, individuals, and families) by providing them avenues to get off the streets, find employment and own their homes.

Servicing: At-Risk Youths (Ages 15-25), Homeless Males/Females/Families all ages and sizes 

Alliances: Juvenile Correctional System/ Office of the Public Defender, other non-profit organizations, Homeless Shelters, Sober Houses, Christian Community, State and Local Government Entities!

Dressed To Impress

Goal:  To provide our clients with the proper clothing to effectively seek employment opportunities as well as uniforms necessary to perform their jobs.

Servicing:  All ages both male and female

Proposed Alliances:  Area businesses that would donate a suite to our recipients.

The client will be provided training as well as Empowerment Seminars that will help prepare them for proper job acquisition. To further assist with their workforce development we will provide resume building, job search assistance and interviewing skills!

Man in the Mirror


Goal: To empower our clients to build a healthy confidence about themselves and embrace their current season through self-examination and discovery.  Knowing that they can make it through this storm.

Servicing: Both Male/Female who are depressed, socially disconnected, individuals with low-self-esteem

Proposed Alliances:  All Sources


This program is designed to transform and refocus the individual through self-examination and counseling.

Restore joy and hope as well as integrity into an individual needing positive reinforcement!

Blessed in Tech Ministries, Incorporated

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